ProFab - the intelligent software solution for the networking of textile knitting machines

The workflow concept has long been a permanent feature of office communications, but it remains something of a novelty where various areas of the textile sector are concerned. The networking of modern machines with communications capabilities is the first move, while the implementing of intelligent management software is the decisive step.

With its ProFab Network program, the company TEXION provides the manufacturer of knitted fabrics with a software tool designed to achieve a higher degree of automation – with all the enormous potential for competitive advantage that this implies. ProFab is characterised by a modular structure consisting of four elements:

  • Designmanager
  • Jobmanager
  • Machinemanager
  • Beammanager


Thanks to its open structure, ProFab Network can be enhanced with the addition of extra system functions, but without this influencing its other elements. This makes ProFab Network a safe, long-term bet.

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